Compact Digital Camera

  • RICOH Imaging announces XG-1 Megazoom Camera

    July 14, 2014

    The PENTAX XG-1 features a powerful 52x optical zoom lens for a wide range of photographic applications

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  • WG-20 Setting ISO (Sensitivity) Manually

    Q: Can the ISO sensitivity be set manually on the WG-20?

    A: Yes. You can choose (80,100,200,400,800,1600,3200,6400) from the setting menu.

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  • WG-20 Printer Connections

    Q: Does the WG-20 support "PRINT Image Matching III"?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Does the WG-20 support the "Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)"?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Does the WG-20 support [PictBridge] printing?

    A: No.

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  • WG-20 Recording Movies Q&A

    Q: Can the focus be adjusted during movie recording with the WG-20?

    A: No.

    Q: Can the zoom be used during movie recording?

    A: Only the digital zoom can be used.

    Q: Can movies be played back on a television with High-definition movie capability?

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  • WG-20 Interval Shooting

    Q: Can Interval Shooting be used with the WG-20?

    A: Yes. The following settings can be selected.
    · Interval: 10 sec.~99 min.
    · Number of shots: 2 shots~1000 shots
    (However, the total number cannot exceed the available number of recordable images in Memory card.)
    · Start Delay: 0 min.~24 hours

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  • WG-20 Digital Microscope Mode

    Q: What is [Digital Microscope] mode of the WG-20?

    A: Digital Microscope mode is an extreme close-up mode which allows you to take pictures of objects as close as 1 cm In addition, selecting Digital Microscope mode turns on the LED lights array surrounding the lens, which helps to light subjects such as tiny insects, details of leaves or text.

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  • WG-20 Infrared Remote Control

    Q: Can an infrared remote control be used with the WG-20?

    A: Yes, it can. The optional Remote Control Waterproof O-RC1 and Remote Control F are available for use with the WG-20.

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  • WG-20 Dynamic Range Settings

    Q: What is the Dynamic Range (D-Range) setting on the WG-20?

    A: When selected, this setting expands the dynamic range and prevents excessively bright and dark areas from occurring.
    Use Highlight Correction to adjust the bright areas when the image is too bright.

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  • WG-20 and Micro SD (SDHC) Memory Card

    Q: Can a Micro SD (SDHC) memory card be used in the WG-20?


    A: This is not recommended and there is no guarantee of proper operation when using a Micro SD (SDHC) card with card adapter .For best results, please use an SD (SDHC) or SDXC memory card.

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  • WG-20 Built-in Microphone

    Q: Where is the built-in microphone on the WG-20? Can an external microphone be connected to these cameras?

    A: The microphone is located on the right center of the camera. An external microphones cannot be connected.

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  • WG-20 Shake Reduction

    Q: Is there a function in the WG-20 to reduce camera shake?
    A: Yes, for still photography, anti-shake is provided by raising the ISO sensitivity (high sensitivity mode). Shake reduction for videos is provided by electronic image stabilization (Movie SR).

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  • WG-20 Autofocus (AF) Assist Light

    Q: Does the WG-20 have an autofocus (AF) assist light?

    A: Yes, the AF assist light will operate as needed in low light situations if AF Setting > Focus Assist is selected in the Rec. Mode Menu.

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