Changing Batteries in the K-x

Q: My K-x will occasionally display a low battery indicator when new batteries are put in the camera and I have to stop taking pictures. Why?
A: There have been a few reported instances of the K-x displaying the low-battery symbol when batteries are changed in the camera. If this is occurring on your camera, please download and install the latest K-x firmware update available from our Web site at

Also, since most Ni-MH batteries do not reach their full capacity until after several charge/recharge cycles, using new “unconditioned” Ni-MH batteries may sometimes cause the K-x to incorrectly interpret the battery type and available power. Once the new Ni-MH batteries have been discharged and re-charged a few times, they should reach optimum performance and the K-x should be able to auto-detect the battery type more consistently.


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