US Product Repair Service

How to send your PENTAX equipment to PENTAX for service:

Print a return shipping label:

CLICK HERE to open a return shipping label (PDF, 56 KB) that you can print and attach to the outside of your package.

If you cannot print a return shipping label:

If you are unable to print or use the above return shipping label for any reason, follow these instructions for packaging and shipping your PENTAX equipment for repair service:

Please package your PENTAX product carefully and ship it (postage pre-paid and insured) to the following address:

250 North 54th Street
Chandler, AZ 85226
Telephone: (800) 877-0155

Please ship the following items along with your product:

  • A copy of your dated proof of purchase (sales receipt, charge slip, etc.). This is required for all warranty repairs, otherwise we will send you a repair estimate. Alternatively, if you own a PENTAX Extended Warranty for your product, you can also include the appropriate registered Extended Warranty documents.
  • A note explaining the problem. Please include your address and day-time phone number.
  • Please make a note of the PENTAX model you are sending, along with the serial number (if available) for our records as well as your own.
  • For cameras, lenses, flashes, submit any sample prints, negatives, slides, or digital files showing the problem.

Normal warranty repair time is approximately 15-20 working days from the day we receive your product, not including shipping time back to you. For chargeable repairs, repair time is approximately 15-20 working days from the date we receive payment. However, this turnaround time may vary with the time of year and the volume of products we receive for repair.

If your one year or extended warranty period has expired, or if the repair is not covered under the terms of this warranty, we will send you a free repair estimate for your approval. Upon your approval of the estimate (and payment in full), your product will be put in line for repair. Repair time is approximately 15-20 working days after approval of an estimate. Approvals may be given by phone, with payment by MasterCard, Visa or Discover, or by mail using a credit card or check/money order.

If you decide not to have the out-of-warranty repair done by PENTAX, your un-repaired equipment will be returned to you with a $12.00 charge for shipping.

All PENTAX Imaging Company digital camera repairs are warranted for 90 days from the date of repair. All PENTAX Imaging Company film camera and professional photographic repairs (e.g. LX, 645, and 67) are warranted for 6 months from the date of repair.

Please note: We only service the United States market (including U.S. territories). International customers seeking service must contact a PENTAX representative in their own country/region. Click here for a listing. 

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