Sport Optics "Worry-Free" Warranty

The PENTAX "Worry-Free" Warranty is available on all PENTAX Sport Optics products purchased in the United States, on or after March 1, 2006 from an authorized PENTAX Sport Optics dealer. PENTAX Sport Optics products are of the highest optical and mechanical quality. If your PENTAX Binocular, Spotting Scope or Riflescope purchased in the USA from an authorized PENTAX Sport Optics dealer requires repair, PENTAX will repair or replace it to the original purchaser (even if damaged by fault) for a charge of $19.95, to cover handling and return shipping.

* This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, theft or loss. (Replacement may be with comparable model at PENTAX's discretion if the original model is no longer available.)

*Applies only to unmodified equipment or product with modifications performed by authorized PENTAX repair personnel.

Please package your PENTAX Sport Optics product carefully and ship it (postage pre-paid and insured) to the following address:

250 North 54th Street
Chandler, AZ 85226
Telephone: (800) 877-0155

Please ship the following items along with your product: A copy of your dated proof of purchase (sales receipt, charge slip, etc.). This is required for all warranty repairs. A note explaining the problem. Please include your address and day-time phone number. Please make a note of the PENTAX model you are sending, along with the serial number (if available) for our records as well as your own. Normal warranty repair time is approximately 15-20 working days from the day we receive your product, not including shipping time back to you. However, this turnaround time may vary with the time of year and the volume of products we receive for repair. 

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