Binocular Model Designations

Q: What do the letters on my binocular signify?


A: Not all PENTAX binocular models are designated by letters that define a specific acronym or meaning. Some letters are merely used to denote a specific model. However, the following are definitions of specific acronyms used by PENTAX for certain binoculars: These acronyms denote specific binocular types (or designs):

DCF - "Dache" Center Focus (Dache is roof in German) which denotes a Roof Prism binocular. PCF - PorroPrism Center Focus “ this denotes a Porro-Prism binocular. UCFUni-body Center Focus “ this denotes an inverted Porro-Prism binocular; (this design is for compactness). These acronyms denote attributes of a binocular:

WP - Water Proof SPSuperior Performance EDExtra-low Dispersion (denotes glass type). HRcHigh-Resolution / center diopter adjustment.

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