K2000 Shake Reduction

Q: How effective is the Shake Reduction in terms of shutter speed steps?

A: The effect of Shake Reduction is equivalent to up to 4 shutter speeds.

* The Shake Reduction effect may vary depending on the focal length of the lens, distance to the subject, shooting conditions and individual technique. It is generally said that the slowest shutter speed to avoid blur is 1/focal length. However, with cameras featuring an APS-C size image sensor (like the K2000), please consider the focal length as 1.5 times longer (35 mm-equivalent focal length). For example, a 100 mm lens is equivalent to a 150 mm lens in 35 mm format - so, generally speaking, the slowest shutter speed for such lens is 1/150th of a second. You can expect Shake Reduction to be effective at shutter speeds 2.5 to 4 steps slower than 1/150th of a second. 

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